I am a teacher, and I LOVE my iPhone, iPad & apps! So, I thought this would be the perfect place to keep up with and share some of the best I've found.
AppGratis - It's the app that keeps on giving. The app itself is free, and it offers paid-to-free or hugely discounted apps everyday. This app is a gateway to an eclectic mix of apps. Every single app is hand-picked & tested thoroughly.

Six Pack Abs - This is absolutely like having a personal trainer on your iPhone/iPad. It gives complete workout schedule, notes, workout sets, and details. It is a complete video series laying it all out there for ya including separate timers for the exercises and breaks. It's like taking your own personal trainer with you to the gym. I got this through AppGratis (above).

 Pimp Your Screen - If you want to jazz or pretty up your iPad, this app's for you. They have bazillions of fabulous premade lock/home screensavers...or, you can create your own. Shown below are my current lock and home screens.



Just added this page...MANY more to come!


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