Tuesday, April 8, 2014

American Blogger: Telling Our Story

I don't know if I should feel out of the loop...or not, but I hadn't even heard or seen anything mentioned about this upcoming feature-length documentary chronicling bloggers across the U.S. until I read about it in a post at the Pink growl. I watched the trailer and got goosies. That probably sounds a liiittle crazzzy, but I can't help it.

Here's the trailer for American Blogger.

Have you heard about it? Whatcha think?

In the scheme of things, I really just started this gig as a blogger. But it's in my blood. I can't explain it. It's like giving birth. I have all these ideas and aspirations for nurturing and growing my blog. It's personal, but it's not...if you know what I mean. I've experienced what I'd call a fair share of upheaval and uncertainty over the past year or two with a 15 year relationship finally running its course and imploding and the fact that my two sons who I've raised, for all practical purposes, on my own from the time they were 3 years and 4 weeks old have matured into young men, now ages 22 and 18. They're not my babies anymore. Well...that's what THEY say.

My blog...it's helped to fill the void.

It's exciting and stimulating! I've learned so many things I had no clue about before....like html coding, the difference between good design and something that looks like a scrapbook vomited all over my screen (doesn't mean I always do it), what makes a good giveaway, the power of a comment, what it means to find my "voice", but most of all....I love this thing called blogging!

*Thanks for dropping by!
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  1. I had not heard anything about it either Wendy until I saw your post on Google+. I'm ashamed of the bloggers who are being so negative about the whole thing.

    “A true blogger will never attack the hopes and dreams of another, but will do everything in their power to help that person see their dream become a reality.” — Kim Miller

  2. I love it Wendy Thanks for sharing because otherwise I would not have ever seen it.

  3. Thanks so much Kim. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the post and left a comment. I look forward to reading your post.

  4. Daisy...like you, I just happened up on it myself and was glad I did. It's release date is sometime in June. Since the trailer has caused so much controversy, I can't wait to see how the film actually depicts us bloggers.


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