Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Fool's & the Big Brownieeeeee

As many of you already know, I teach second grade and have for 15 years. Each year on April Fool's Day, I get the typical "Ms. Orman...There's something on your shirt." or "There's a bug in your hair!" You get the picture. However this year, one of my students, Abby, deliberated and very consciously planned her April Fool's prank a T.

She set it up the day before, totally unbeknownst to me. I took the bait...hook, line, and sinker. Sometime during the day on Monday, Abby announced she was bringing me brownies to school the following day. I've got to mouth was watering even then.

When Tuesday morning rolled around, the kids lined up just outside our classroom door as usual after being dismissed from the early duty room. When I walked out to greet them, Abby very eagerly and excitedly proclaimed that she'd brought me brownies just as she'd said she would and held up a little white container with its red lid. My mouth was really watering. I hadn't eaten breakfast, and warm brownies and milk were sounding divine at that point.

She handed me the container while simultaneously stating, "I brought brownies, and Ms. have a BIG brownieeeeee! Once we were inside the classroom, I popped the lid off. Abby was laughing as though she'd just, hands down, played the best joke ever.....and....she had!

I let Abby carry her brown e's to all her other classes that day. Well...I didn't want to be the only dupable one. Hope you all had a good laugh on April Fool's as well.

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