Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Maiden Post: Sweets for the Sweet

Here goes nothing...well, let's hope it's something! So far, I've had fun designing and setting the blog up. I just hope I'm creative enough to keep it going and interesting. I'll have to rely somewhat on a good friend and colleague who just recently started a successful blog, Mommy On A Mission. At the moment, mine is still definitely a work in progress. I had a fleeting thought of breaking a bottle of champagne on the side of my monitor. In keeping with the theme of the blog, this post is going to be short and "sweet". However since this is an educational blog, I want to share a li'l sweet with everyone before I go. I saw this idea on Pinterest today and thought it was great, especially since many of my second graders are still having some difficulty distinguishing between fiction and non-fiction.

Give your students some left over Scholastic book order forms
and have them construct a graphic organizer by folding a sheet
of construction paper in half creating two columns labeled
 *Thanks for dropping!

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