Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Newbie Blogger with OCD...Uh Oh!

When I do something, I generally go "all in" which is exactly what I've ended up doing with my new blog. I contribute this to my being slightly OCD...or, at least, having a Type A personality. Ummm...have you ever wondered why so many teachers say they have ADHD or OCD? Well, that might just be a topic for future posts. Now back to the OCD, newbie blogger thing. While researching and reading up on what it takes to have a successful blog, I've realized there are a lot of ins & outs and tools of the trade to know and, at moments, have felt a little overwhelmed. I think I could read a gazillion articles and guides, but nothing will help me more than just diving in and learning as I go. So...I'm asking that you bear with me on this journey; and as we move ahead, I'll try to provide those of you out there who are considering starting up a new blog of your own or are also newbie bloggers like me with some helpful hints and useful pieces of information along the way. I hope you are as excited as I am! 

Here is my first deposit into the accounts of all aspiring bloggers. It is an interesting, useful article about 12 things that can sabotage, or kill, a blog, and we certainly don't want any of our blogs to end up in the bloggers' morgue! Here is the link to the article: 12 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post Every Time.

 Hope you find it helpful.

Are you a newbie or aspiring blogger? If so, let me know and please share any ins & outs or tools of the trade you've discovered along the way.

*Thanks for dropping!

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