Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five Ways to Rock a Day at the Memphis Zoo

First of all, get the Memphis Zoo app if you don't already have it. It's like having your own automated mini-tour guide...fanTAStic!
Here's what the initial screen looks like.
Of course, the Zoo Map is helpful especially when a paper one would keep flying away or getting crammed into the bottom of your bag.
However, the two coolest parts of the app are the Daily Schedule and the Photo Booth. The Daily Schedule lists all the special shows and times such as Giraffe Feedings, Panda Keeper Chat, Sea Lion Show, Grizzly Feeding, etc. The Photo Booth is by far the most fun and unique section of the app. This section of the app provides a bunch of overlays for your zoo photos, and they really do turn out so stinkin' cute! All the kids (16 to be exact) loved it and wanted me to take their pictures over and over again. These are the Photo Booth options:
...and some examples:

The second way to rock the zoo is to take sixteen 7 & 8 year olds. There is definitely never a dull moment.
As you can see, attending a class also raises everyone's interest and is the third recommendation for having a fabulous experience.
Seeing a show is my fourth suggestion.
Choosing a day that's just right (...not too chilly and not too warm) is key and the fifth way  to ensure having a blast.
I recommend this for reasons other than human comfort. The right kind of weather makes the animals frisky and active as you can see.
I'd never seen a pheasant before. I thought these were gorgeous!
 HA...these guys weren't feelin' us at all though...perfect day or not.
My second grade class had a rockin' good time at the zoo.
Hope you do too on your next visit!
*Thanks for dropping by!
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