Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up & the Best of This Week's DIYs

This week ended with a bang..."dark day" Thursday afternoon, our field trip to the Memphis Zoo on Friday, and the start of Spring Break yesterday....Holla! 

This past week I decided to look for the week's best DIYs. Don't ask me why because I'm definitely no "She's So Crafty"! Maybe, it's because the only time I can even bat an eye at doing any kind of craft project is when I've got a break from school. Here are the projects I like a lot, can actually do, and will definitely consider doing.

via Take Them a Meal


That's it. The week's best (and easy) DIYs.
That's the wrap!

Now all there is to do...
is get crafty with it.
*Thanks for dropping by!
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  1. I love the t-shirt into scarf idea!


  2. Hi Lauren...thanks for visiting! At first, I thought the trick might be having a T with a cute print. However after more thought, I realized that solids or probably any graphic T will work (and look sort of vintage) since it will be gathered. If you make one, let me know how it turns out. I visited your blog which is very appealing. I added it to my blog roll.


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